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Frequently Asked Questions

Dear WACRA Colleagues,

This section was created to help answer some of the more frequent questions that come up about WACRA and We hope that you find this information useful.

If there is anything that remains unanswered, please click on Contact Us and send us a message with your question/concern. We will reply as quickly as we can.

I seem to have forgetten my password. Can you resend it to me?

Passwords are automatically generated by our server. For security reasons, they are encrypted and cannot be viewed by anyone, including your web administrator. To obtain a new one, simply click here and a new encrypted password will be sent to your e-mail address on file.

I've registered and reset my password, but I seem to be locked out of the site.
What is going on?

Access to the member section of is limited to airlines who are up to date with their annual dues. Dues become past due on July 1.

What is the difference between membership dues and conference fees?
Aren't they the same?

No. These are 2 distinct charges.

Membership dues are charged to the airline, not the individual airline representives. Dues payment allows multiple representatives from member airlines to register on

Conference fees are charged to delegates who choose to attend the annual conference. However, registration is open exclusively to representatives from member airlines in good standing (i.e. dues paid).

What does the conference registration fee cover?

The conference registration fee covers all meals offered during the conference (those on the agenda) including the welcome reception and gala dinner. In addition, these fees pay for the general meeting space, printed materials, speaker honorariums and travel arrangements, as well as other ancillary expenses related to the event.

Do I need to register and pay for my guest(s)?

That depends. If you would like to have your guest accompany you to the various social functions during the conference, then your guest must be registered at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the conference. A guest badge will be issued that will allow entrance to these events.

The guest fee of USD250 covers the cost of these events as well as breakfast on conference days. Unfortunately, lunches during the conference are not covered as these form part of the meeting package paid for and priced separately.

Since I have to pay to attend the conference, what purpose do membership dues serve?

As a non-profit association, membership dues are used cover most of our operating expenses, such as hosting and maintaining this website, paying for meeting space for board meetings, and supporting the vetting process for speakers and invited guests to our annual conference. In addition, since most of our annual funds are collected at the conference in the fall, dues are also used to make the requisite deposits at the conference venues.

In return, WACRA works behind the scenes to keep its members informed of the latest updates in the industry as a well as sponsor key events, such as our recent meeting with the European Commission in Brussels.

Is membership only open to Customer Care officers?

Not necessarily. Airline members in good standing are free to invite employees from other divisions within their company with a shared interest in Customer Relations. Some of these may include Legal or Marketing, for example.

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