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What is WACRA

WACRA is a world-wide organization of air transport professionals dedicated to: Promoting and encouraging a free exchange of ideas and methods to provide a consistently high level of customer service; Providing a forum for the mutual exchange of such ideas and the means for successful related cooperation among air transport enterprises; and Cooperating with and providing liasion to Airlines for America (A4A) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).


By its nature, the airline industry is competitive. Through fare structures, route systems, innovative electronic technologies, partnership arrangements, onboard services and a host of other features, air carriers around the world seek to attract and retain customers. Despite best efforts and intentions, however, unexpected or unpleasant events do occur. At that critical point, competition ceases and other areas of professionalism and collaboration must be skillfully implemented to effectively serve affected customers. This is why the Worldwide Airlines Customer Relations Association (WACRA) exists.

Attaining and sustaining the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction among today’s global travelers is the goal. This involves recognizing the power of service recovery to influence customer loyalty. It also means maintaining a corporate posture of preparedness through employee and management training and, through direct interaction with industry colleagues, it also means shared awareness of the best practices in our field.

Every WACRA conference provides delegates with vital information and resources to evaluate, update and refine internal practices with respect to complying with international regulations, following industry protocols, anticipating customer expectations, and discovering new technologies to enhance the customer experience—all of which are essential for achieving desired outcomes when resolving ticketing, baggage, or refund situations.

Your decision to join WACRA reflects a commitment to excel in all dimensions of customer relations. Regardless of the particular size or scope of your airline, active participation in WACRA will offer significant benefits!


WACRA Achievements

WACRA members created the formula for interline baggage claim settlements which was eventually adopted as the basis for IATA and A4A resolutions.

WACRA members developed consumer educational materials which served as models for individual airline pamphlets.

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